Bible, Glitter and Glue

Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids

September 02, 2023 David and Mary Nelson Season 4 Episode 6
Bible, Glitter and Glue
Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids
Show Notes

Jesus told a parable about ten girls who participated in a wedding feast. The day's custom was for the feast to begin when the bridegroom arrived.  Five bridesmaids were wise and had their lamps ready for his arrival.  They were escorted into the feast.  The five foolish bridesmaids were off buying oil and missed being invited in.  Jesus said the parable meant always being ready because we do not know the day of his return.

Bible verses used in this episode:


  1. Ten girls prepare for a wedding (Matthew 25:1-9)
  2. The consequences of preparations (Matthew 25:10-12)
  3. Meaning of the Parable-Be ready (Matthew 25:13)

Tips for teaching:

  • Explain weddings (bride, bridegroom, bridesmaids, etc) to children so that they can better understand the parable.
  • Make simple oil lamps from clay.
  • Help children understand preparation by describing fire drills to prepare for fires or first aid kits to prepare for potential injuries.
  • As a teacher, pose this scenario to the adults in the class to discuss:  
    • If you knew Jesus was coming to your house, but you didn’t know when, how would you prepare for his visit?  What would you say to him?  What would the conversation be like?  What would you say about yourself?  What would he say about you? What would you want to change / should change about your life to prepare for his visit?
    • Follow up with this: Ask the class to write down one thing they would do differently to prepare for Jesus’ visit to their house on a piece of paper.  Ask them to fold up their paper and hand them to you.  Pray for each one asking God to give the person strength and wisdom to do what they wanted to do differently. 

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Bible Lesson:  Parable of Ten Bridesmaids 

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Excerpts from Mission Bible Class used by permission.

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